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That's what's kicking me forward. How I see things. That's how I am.

Lifetime Learner

I truly believe in the power of new things. New people, new business models, new places. You name it. I try to learn as much as possible, every day. This includes making mistakes and learn from them.

Perspective Changer

One Chinese wisdom describes it pretty clear. Every thing has three sides: One that you see, one that I see and one that we both don't see. So I keep changing perspectives on as much things as possible.


Tell me and I listen. Show me and I see. Let me experience and I understand. I really like to be fast and learn on the way. Of course I do my math. I just reduce it to the minimal amount possible.


This is what influenced my life heavily.

  • 2004

    My first Startup

    After finishing my aerospace engineering degree, I decieded to found a tech company. Self funded and hands-on. Here I discoverd my love for marketing aspects.

  • 2006-2008

    My Kids

    Kids change a lot and of course they are great fun. The most things I learnt from them was to see things from a different perspective and treat everything without prejudice.

  • 2009

    Venture Capital

    If you want to accelerate things, it might be a good idea to bring more money in. So I managed to get my first VC investment. This change a lot. More speed and more rules.

  • 2015


    I learnt a lot what changes can do. For you, for your friends, for your family and for your business. I learnt to trust my gut feeling and make changes when ever needed.

  • More
    To Come!

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